Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CONCERTS- Been There Done That

Okay...... I was thinking of ALL of the concerts that I have seen ( only mid 30's, so not a lot)
BUT HERE GOES.... MY RECOLLECTION: starting from the beginning but then loosing track.....

But I need to say this: A lot of great artists have opened and I only can remember.... "a few"

Def Leopard (very first concert with Sis, Um Naief-I was age 11 I think????)
George Michael
Whitney Houston (OH Gawd, should I really say this??) Long Long time ago, early drugs days for her, hubby came out to sing himself. awful awful awful
Pink Floyd (don't quit remember...wait, was there pink elephants?)
Oingo Boingo
Steve Miller Band and The Doobie Brothers
Rolling Stones
Bee 52's (great fun with Hubby)
Dixie Chicks (yep, I love em'.... tell Bush the way it is!)
Dave Matthews Band (9th Row-Awsome.. hubby won tickets from KROQ)
Def Leopard (again)
Toby Keith
Kenny Chesney
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (August 11th-7th row)

I have been to sooooooo many more. This sucks that I can't think of them.... GAWD.

Will continue soon....


He is getting a MULTI MILLION SUM for his

" Memories".... an Autobiography.

Really? Is this SERIOUS? Does he even remember anything???? I bet he can't even remember who he had sex with yesterday!

I have "memories"....does anyone care?

Maybe he should just BLOG them! What do you think about all this nonsense??

I have seen the Rolling Stones in concert (once... about 9 years ago or so BUT)... When will a "Rock Band" ever call it quits? My Gawd, they are Old and Gross. Isn't this the one that snorted his father's remains???


Have a great day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Should I or Shouldn't I????

I have one tattoo. It's of a butterfly. It's small. It's on my left ankle. I got it when my sister was here visiting me before going to live in Bahrain. It was for my 30th birthday. She got one too, but on her back. I wish now that it was bigger with more colors in it. It's kind of plain.
Maybe I should ad to the one I have... make it an ankle band with flowers, butterflies maybe a lady bug or something. There was a lady bug that came into our house last night and landed on the magazine that I was reading. Doesn't that mean good luck. It just stayed there and crawled up and down my arms.... my daughter was jealous of course and just HAD to play with it and then finally before going to bed we let it go.
I am really thinking of getting another tattoo. I watch Miami Ink a lot and I get all kinds of ideas but always chicken out. But now that Kat Vondee has left Miami Ink, moved to L.A., she has opened her own shop up called LA Ink. Maybe I should go there and get one done by a PRO.
Isn't this one butterfly pretty? BUT the question is, would it make a good tattoo?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

How Do You Say Sorry????

I am sorry.

Hey, I am sorry CUZ


Sorry. (I feel like crap)


I am sorry for saying I would be there.

I was Not.

I wanted to Be.

I was Not.

I wished I was there.

I was Not.

I Suck.

It was far....
It was Hot...
It was 5am and I was thinking SHIT, we have to drive 5 hours or (6) and then again (6) the next day....
I am sorry. I had to work Saturday. It sucked. I have to work next Saturday. It will suck again....

hope that you will forgive me.

Happy Birthday Dear Madison.... Happy Birthday To You..........

Thursday, July 26, 2007


All AP News
911 Call in Lohan Arrest ReleasedThu Jul 26, 5:40 PM ET
In the minutes before Lindsay Lohan's arrest, the mother of her former personal assistant called 911 and pleaded frantically for help because a mysterious car was following her unaware that Lohan was behind the wheel, according to an audio copy released Thursday.
Lohan's personal assistant had quit hours before the event, according to police.
The woman apparently didn't realize that Lohan was in the vehicle following her when she contacted a Santa Monica police dispatcher shortly after 1:30 a.m. Tuesday while driving on Wilshire Boulevard.
"We were just about to park our car. We are turning home and out of nowhere a huge white GMC came up," the woman said to the dispatcher. The recording included unintelligible remarks apparently to the woman's passenger.
"We're being followed by a GMC ... the gentleman jumped out of the car," she added a few seconds later. "Oh my God, sir, they're following us. We need help."
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During the nearly three-minute 911 call, the dispatcher repeatedly asked the woman where she is. The woman eventually said she was heading for the police station.
Police said the woman, accompanied by a passenger, drove her black Cadillac Escalade into the parking lot of Santa Monica's Civic Auditorium, about a block away from the police department, followed by Lohan driving a Yukon sport utility vehicle.
"There he is, that white GMC pickup," the dispatcher said to someone as the car appeared.
During the call, the woman could be heard saying "Oh my God, what is he doing?" Near the end, hysterical but muffled yelling and screaming is heard.
"They're in front of HQ now. Roll somebody code. Ma'am, what's going on there? Hello? Hello? Ma'am? Hello?" the dispatcher said.
A few moments later, a police unit showed up and the woman could be heard in the background, apparently pointing out people to the officers.
"That's him, that's him right there," she said. "And him, stop them."
Authorities who arrived saw Lohan and the woman in what police have called a "heated debate." They also said two men were with Lohan in the car.
Lohan was arrested for investigation of misdemeanor driving under the influence and with a suspended license, and felony cocaine possession.

And this is who my daughter should look up to?

THIS AND THAT and the Wrong Paint!

Whew..... can't believe its been this long since I last blogged. Sorry if I have disappointed a few...

Been really busy lately. Good days and some bad days...

My weekend as a Mother was tested by my 7 year old daughter. She was very needy and whinny. My weekend as a Wife was tested by my 35 year old husband. He was just whinny and moody. My weekend as a Daughter was tested by my 74 year old Mother. What did she do?Hymn, I dunno but I am sure she irked me too! I just couldn't get a break, I wanted to scream and run away.... what is the saying, "If Life gives you a Lemon, make Lemonade" Guess I should have done that! Or should of had a Hard Mike's Lemonade ;-)

But instead I got this bright idea of re-doing my dining room. I thought of going brighter with the paint color. It was a mild grayish green and I wanted BOLD, NEW, BRIGHT and thought that a Mustard Yellow with burgundy accents would be right on. BUT OMG, it is AWFUL! I want to cry. My whole dining room is in disarray and the color is something out of a circus tent! It looks yellow orange. I also hate to paint so this really really really sucks! But now I have decided that Bold is not me, I am going to do it a Sage Green with one accent wall being a chocolate brown.

My daughter wants to take a Hip Hop class. Daddy says no, Mommy says yes. Since she was 2 she took ballet and tap but a little over a year ago she decided that she no longer liked it. So I had her try being a cheerleader (which she walked in a parade once and that was it, total waste of money and time) and then she played T-Ball which she was VERY GOOD and she loved it. But that is now over.... And Girl Scouts doesn't start until September. What should I do? She also wants to take a music class. Needing to look up classes through the city to see what is available for right now. Her Auntie thinks music would be good.

Another dilemma, I have a pure bred AKC 6 month old English Springer Spaniel. He is very cute, great markings, nice demeanor, etc. SHOULD I breed him or chop off his balls?

Just things on my mind. Feel better now that I blogged about them. But I don't think this post will take away the awful orange color in my dining room!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Okay, one more. This is just too funny!


I found a great Blog while I was "bloggin around"....

This guy does some great and interesting work with wires! Truely amazing and some of his artwork is really funny! Brilliant artist.


Check it out! Have a good day.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Another Monday morning.... why do they come so fast?
My weekend flew by. Played lots of games with the family.... Scrabble (which is my all time favorite) and a game with these certain kind of Dominoes called "chicken feet". Its a fun game and a great game for children because it teaches them to count really fast. My daughter is 7 and has already mastered the game.

I didn't scrap on Friday like I wanted to.... I had to work late and then it just wouldn't have been enough time. My girlfriend's getting behind in her scrapbooking as well.... so WE MUST MAKE THE TIME! I am going to ad several links to my blog on people that blog and scrap. Wow, these girls are REALLY talented and I have been getting ideas from their blogs.

I didn't want to wake up this morning.... sleeping so good with my little princess. She loves to tickle my arms and back while I sleep. She sneaks in to our bed once Daddy leaves for work in the wee hours of the morning.... its sweet.

Taking her to the Dr's today for a physical. She has been getting headaches a lot and one day she cried and cried from it. Hoping to remedy this soon.

I am having trouble with my Blog. Hoping that I don't have to close up shop.

Have a great day (even if its a Monday).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am PISSED. This is all I have to say tonight. For those who know me, you know why. Why is there such a corrupt world out there?


Another day in PAIN. I have only had my braces on for a short while (3 months or so...) and OMG, I can't believe how bad my mouth hurts after the first time of getting my wires tightened! It really feels awful. My teeth are so sensitive. They feel so loose that at any time I swear they will just fall out! I can't believe how fast my teeth are moving. Its not that I had horrible teeth before, its just I had this one tooth on the bottom in the middle that has always been a little on the not so straight side. Or as my daughter would say when she was little "Mommy your teeth are wobbly" Anyhoo.... Even though I am in severe pain at times... I can't get over how straight they are getting. The day after getting my new wires on that bottom tooth is now straight!!!!!! :-) (still sucks having them on)

I haven't been blogging. Really haven't been in the mood. I am either too busy at work and when I get home I just get busy doing this or that, cooking dinner or just resting.... This is how I am with projects. On again Off again.... I shouldn't look at this Blog as a "project". I should look at is as my personal journal that will inspire me to become a better self. It is here to relieve stress. To free my mind. To fill a Void in my life.... yadda yadda yadda. LOL

I scrapbook too. Haven't done that for several months now... hoping I get in the mood because I am really far behind. My girlfriend is supposed to come over on Friday to kick me in the butt to make me scrap. Let's hope it works. If I stop taking pictures then I wouldn't have anything to scrap, right?

Well... I do have to say this. I just LOVE the show HELL's KITCHEN! If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest that you do! It is sooooo good and sooooo addicting. I just love the head chef and admire the fact that he says WHATEVER is on his mind. He puts it out there with No Regrets.
A little secret that hardly anyone knows..... I always wanted to go to culinary school and become a chef. I can watch the Food Channels non stop but this one is by far the best.

Have a great week Bloggers.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Daughter's Comment

Hello Bloggers...

I have an important favor to ask you ALL... my daughter left (typed herself) a message on my 4Th of July America post. She loves to be on the computer. She checks out my blog along with her Aunties all the time. This was her very first comment and I must say...I'm VERY proud of her!

She is only 7 years old and can read above her level by 2 grades... she is also great in math and art. She loves being on the computer... and by reading her comment you should be able to tell that she has a "nack" at blogging already! Do other children at age 7 know how to type themselves?

Auntie should be proud.

And now she is telling me she wants her own BLOG! OMG! What does a Mother do?

She is saying she has a lot to talk about... what do 7 year old's talk about?? LOL
Watch out Bloggers. Miss Katelyn is COMING...

I love you Katie Bug...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Wishing everyone a great day, peace, lots of great hot dogs... hamburgers... and Beer! Oh yeah, and Fireworks TOO!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Vegas Baby

Hello Everyone...

Back from State Line (Las Vegas) and boy O' boy was it HOT!!!!!!! Only about 114'!!!!

Every year my husband and I take my mother for her birthday. This is about the 12th year in a row (or so it seems). Usually we go in late March (March 31 is her Bday) or early April but she was away for her birthday this year so we went in the middle of summer. Never again!

We had fun. We always do.I won $$. A little of $200.00 and our room was free all weekend. That makes it nice and cheap!

Anyways.... that is all I did over the weekend. Gamble, drink and gamble some more....

Happy Belated Birthday Mom! xoxoxox