Thursday, June 28, 2007


My daughter loves to cook. She is in the kitchen everyday with me.... She goes all out; hat, apron, spoons, measuring cups, etc.... isn't this cute? This picture is her in action!
Here in California, they offer classes through the city (the city in which you live) and I am signing her up for cooking classes starting in the middle of July. Maybe she is a "Chef" in the making....
She will learn all the basics; measurements, cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, etc.... plus she will bring home yummy dishes for Mommy and Daddy... Not bad for a 7 year Old!
Do other countries offer these things?
I also have to mention in this Blog that one of my best friends (you know who you are....) is very excited that I have started a Blog....she too will start one soon, so April, YOU GO GIRL!
Oopps, did I out you?


What is it with hair cuts? Is it just me or does other people get this same feeling.... It feels SOOOOO GOOD getting my hair cut!
I felt so blah today. I felt fat. I felt ugly.

So on my lunch break from work I went to the nearest hair cutting salon (that's right, I just saw one and said that's the one) walked in and said, can anyone cut off my hair? My hair was 2 or 3 inches past my shoulders and I cut off about 4 or so. So 45 minutes later I have the cutest little short bob. I feel 10 lbs lighter. I feel perky. I feel cute. Everyone seems to love it and actually so do I.

My husband isn't going to be pleased. He thinks all women should have long hair. I disagree.
Crossing my fingers that he likes it when I get home....

Anyways dear sister, I did it too.


Thank you Um Naief for MAKING MY DAY!

I got to work today with a lot of things on my mind. I might have 5 posts today!

But as I was starting my post, I thought hymn, let me check out to see if my sister posted anything while I was asleep here in the USA and come to find out, she posted what has been on MY MIND!

Does everyone know of Rosie O'Donnell? She is a Gay American devoted to making this world a better place. I so adore her. I have been a fan of hers since she stared in the movie "A League of Their Own", and she became good friends with Madonna (which OMG, I forgot to put Madonna on my fave list----how could I do that!) OK, but anyways, Madonna is another person that stands up for what she believes and puts it all out there in her Music and her music will live on forever...

But on to Rosie... I believe that she makes such a big impression with honest true core values that most people are afraid to speak about or afraid to stand up for what they believe in but NOT ROSIE. I have agreed with almost everything that she talks about and if I don't agree with her then I admire the fact that she isn't afraid to speak her heart, her truth. Why is she so hated? Probably because she tells it like it is!

I speak my mind a lot. I try to make it funny most of the time but deep down inside of me, I crave to be a Rosie of this world. Someone that makes a difference. We are all caught up on the gossip and the fakeness that we have totally became cold and insensitive to what is happening with the world and for us Americans; our American government! WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Just like Rosie posted on her blog today.... Larry King Live cancelled Michael Moore (who has done documentaries on such things like Sicko and Fahrenheit 911) to have Paris Hilton on for her first interview after spending 23 days in jail..... COME ON PEOPLE, this is just gone too far.

Is this really what is important in life? I am worried for my 7 year old daughter... is History class in grade school going to be replaced with learning about which celeb did what, with who and why?

Scary. Go Rosie. Let us all learn to speak up and speak loud.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007



All I can say is that I have the cutiest little nephew.... for those that don't know of me, I am Um Naief's sister, Naief's Auntie. Auntie Jahooni.

What a precious little boy my sister has....Full of life. Almost 5 months old now... her first. He squeals like there isn't a tomorrow.....Loud Loud Loud. If you could only hear him.
I can't explain it... She promised to put it on her Blog. It is adorable (but not when you are up all night, she says).... but still adorable.

My daughter was very silent and would only make noise if she was hungry or upset... but not Naief..., he talks Non-Stop! He is full of life in a little 5 month old body. Can you imagine it? Nope. But knowing my sister I can tell you this;
He is on his way to becoming the Next Great Thing!

Maybe a Writer or a Musician like his Father or Mother.....

I am very proud. I am proud to be his Auntie Jahooni.

I thank the heavens above for our little Naief. He is driving his Mommy and Daddy bonkers right now, Do I laugh, YES but " I have Been There And Done That" hee hee ha haa

What to Say?

Well its been a few days since I last blogged....Maybe it was because I have been sick but its really not that..... I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY! For the last two days, I have started and stopped writing this blog. I am having writers block. Wow, don't I sound like a true poet?! Seriously, it's really stressing me out!!!

Let me tell you all this one thing about me. I am a stress case. Yep, it's true. It's a trait that runs in my family. It isn't something to be proud of. But there I said it, I feel much better. So now this Blog is making me add stress to my already stressful little world. Jahooni World that is.

It takes me a good 2 hours each night to fall asleep because I re-live my day and make mental notes on what needs to be done the next day. I have been this way all of my life.... I envy those people that can plop down in bed and as soon as their head hits the pillow they are sound to sleep! Is that really normal??? Anyhoo, I make lists in my head and I am so good at it that I can separate the lists: husbands list, daughters list, house lists, To Do lists, work lists... so on and so on. Like last night my husband has 3 things on his list for today that I need to discuss with him. My daughter has 2. House had like 6, etc. etc. I have even awakened myself to ad things on the list. I don't get up and write anything down... no that would be too easy, I just remember them in my head. Is this normal? It takes a lot out of me. I have anxiety. My heart races. And now I have another list: THE BLOG LIST. Funny thing is that I always get really down on myself if I should forget something that I thought of the night before...

Okay enough of that. On to what's important in life: PARIS HILTON is getting out of Jail TODAY!!! My Gawd, if I hear one more sad story of how she had to spend 23 horrible days in jail (for not once, but how many times driving under the influence?) I am going to barf. Her mom said yesterday that she now hates the color orange and how awful it was for her..... This shit literally makes me sick. She is so fake. Now she is saying that she only was playing the part of a "dumb blond" and that she is not going to act like that anymore.... I am dying to find out how long that lasts! If I was pulled over for being drunk behind the wheel, then driving with a suspended license, my ass would be thrown in without a blink of the eye. She deserved worse. I don't feel sorry for her. These celebs make me sick. I say that I like gossip but really I don't. I can't stand all this crap about celebs but they suck you in.... and in.............Oh wait, let me go check to see if she is out yet! ;-) All shows have been canceled because of this breaking NEWS!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Is there anything worse than having a Spring cold? Its sucks.

My daughter had it just a little for the last couple days but WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM, I now have it!!! My ears ache, my throat hurts, I can't breathe out of my nose.... Up most of the night tossing and turning, wishing that a sleep fairy would come to put me into a deep deep comatose sleep. No such luck.

So today I am sick , pissed that I am sick, irritated that I am sick and that everyone else here at work is laughing and talking and making so much noise that I want to smack the crap right out of them!

Guess this is what I get. My sister and her baby have been sick and I made the mistake of saying to her "I have been there, done that and I know how it is to have a sick baby..." (which is the truth) but not what a first time mother wants to hear! Guess she cursed me into getting sick.
I think she learned a few things from some of her house maids... how to do Voodoo or maybe it was the evil eyes....

Anyways, feeling sorry for myself today. Wanting to get some sympathy. Wanting this damn cold to go away!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Thank you to all of you that have left comments or stopped in to check out my blog! What a great feeling it is to have people actually care and welcome you in.... I promise to uphold the Blogging Oath:

I shall always blog what's on my mind.
I shall always gossip.
I shall always read other people's blogs and tell them exactly what I think.
I shall ad cool stuff to my blog to make it rock.
I shall make up stories... oh wait, that isn't one of them ;-)

Am I missing any?

Again, many thanks. Look out for me because I'll be coming to your blog soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

OMG + question

I am new at this. Can you tell?

I wanted everything so perfect before I really get down to "biz" and whata know...??
I checked out my blog (again) and noticed mis-spelled words! OMG! I freaked.

Do you bloggers type so fast and read so fast that you miss mistakes?
Do I look like a dork? What do you do to cover them up, or do you let them slide by?

Should I be proud that I said "steal" instead of "still" in the blog named TIME (BTW- my Mom pointed this out to me tonight)?! I am not proud. She laughed an annoying laugh.

My family loves to play Scrabble. I always win. But I guess today proved to my mother that I am not that "great" ;-) but geez, give me a break I am shaking writing these blogs!

Mom, so this is for you. Thank you for reading my Blog...

1933 could never picture it.
But you are living proof that a little imagination plus a hole' lot of computer crap makes for a nice evening.

Love you Mom.


Is it just me or do all of you bloggers spend endless time thinking on what to blog next or what sounds clever?? I just started (48 hours now) on this blogging journey and boy I just can't stop clicking on my site to check it out or to get ideas on what to do or how to make it look.

Okay, I know I am behind times but hey it takes people like me to keep these things going, right? Guess if it wasn't me pushing my sister (after a bit too many festivities, okay wine!) to set this up for me, I would still be just serfin' the net on other people's great blogs.
So Thank you sis for being patient with me ;-)

Good Night and hopefully I get some sleep tonight instead of last night.... blogging nightmares!


Another day has come and gone. Why is it that when we are little, time seems to sit steal? As a child I thought it took forever for certain holidays to come around, my birthday to come and summer vacation seemed sooooo long. Now as a mid 30' adult, I swear that it was just yesterday that I turned 33 and now in one month from today I will be another year older.

My daughter constantly asks how many more days till' Christmas, or how many more days until (whatever) on and on and on, and when I tell her she cries and says that its too long to wait....

But when you are an adult, it feels that the entire year is squeezed into a couple of months!

I look at her and can't believe that she is 7, where has the time gone?

Wishing it would stop. Guess the moral to this thought; don't waste it away and enjoy every minute of it!!

Have a good day bloggers.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Two in a Row

My sister is probably shocked to see two posts in one day!
But I have to prove to her that I am serious about becoming the best blogger ever!
Plus she is super mad at me and disappointed in me, so hoping this makes up up for some of it.

Hello Blog World

My sister set up this blog for me. She love to blog...
She doesn't think I will use it. Guess I should prove her wrong.
This might be fun. Do I really need a new habit? Maybe this will replace habits I am trying to get rid of... let's hope so. Dontcha worry, you'll know of these sooner or later.
I have ideas, dreams, goals, wants, ideas, stories and gossip to share.
The question is, do I want the entire world to see?