Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thank you Jay, Reggie and Um Naief for making me return to the bloggosphere. Am I forgiven?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Licking Bones

Laugh with me.... hee hee!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Has it been this long? WOW!

A lot has been going on in my life as of late. If you couldn't/didn't catch on earlier well then you must not have read between the lines.... hee hee ha ha.

What do you think has changed about me?

This will be one interesting post. Let me hear it people!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hee Haw Monday

Saw ZZ-Top and Brooks & Dunn last night. Sunday concerts are killer. It was so very hard to get up this morning.

This is my best friend Rhea. We had 16 people in our group. The 18 year old ended up throwing up all night on one of the blankets.... poor thing. Rhea's husband fell asleep since he had too much fun in the parking lot. Crazy times.

Little disappointed in the concert. I go to soooooooooo many and this one was just so-so. They were having sound and stage problems. Ruins the moment at times.

My legs hurt from dancing so much. I need a nap. My ears are still ringing. So many cowboys in one place last night but I promised I didn't look honey... hee hee.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Say "Cheese"!

Hey Everyone....
Jahooni is BACK. BACK BACK BACK! I have missed everyone but needed a mental break.
After all the drama. Guess what?

My daughter broke her arm on Monday. Then we had a BIG earthquake on Tuesday! Then.... just kidding. ha ha ha ha

Everyone has been asking for pics of me without the braces. Here you go!

Have a good day everyone! Happy Friday.
Oh, my best friend bought me concert tickets to see Brooks & Dunn with ZZ Top on Sunday. 16 of us crazy people are going so I will dust off my cowgirl hat and practice my Boot Scoot & Boogy. Hee Haw.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am over the "Poor Me Pitty Party Rountine"
I was in a funk. Give me a break. We all have those times don't we?? But I do thank everyone for their sincere well wishes and the ones that said, get over yourself and all that! ha ha
The cure: lots of sleep, wine and sex. Wait, I didn't get the full dose of all three so I don't think I am fully cured. ;)~

Having a HUGE party for my girlfriend Saturday for her 40th birthday. Getting a bit nervous with 75+ people that will be at my home. Spent days planting and weeding and grooming my back yard. Getting the dance floor/DJ area prepared with twinkle lights and hopefully a disco ball if I can find one in just 2 days. Food has been ordered. I think her brother ordered too much but since the invitations were left open for the time the party stops, maybe all the drunks will stay at my home, not drive and eat all the leftovers for breakfast. Hoping all the planning and preparations pays off. We shall see...

Good News: I get my braces off on July 22nd! Can't wait to kiss for the first time without them! Any volunteers? ;)~

My sister Um Naief sent me the best birthday gifts, have to shout out to her again that I love everything and the shoes... the shoes are fab. What is it with a great pair of shoes?

Reggie and Matt-Man were worried about me. Don't fret boys, I am not going anywhere. Just on the low for awhile there. I can't retire JAHOONI just yet!

Have a great day everyone. Happy HNT for those of you out there! (Don't ask. I will never do it)!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I am SORRY....

Hey peeps...
Out of the dead (i think) I know I know I know... what a horrible blogger friend! BUT if you only knew...

I felt for awhile now. Can't explain it. Thought about saying goodbye to my blog and several other things on line. why? don't know really.
I feel bad when I can't get online like I want, I feel bad when I can't read and catch up about your lives, etc. Bad. I feel bad enough about my life in general so adding yours to it, well it sucks.

I have been in a MAJOR FUNK as of lates... not wanting to posts my sad sad "what about me" posts and not wanting to admit that sometimes I go through these times and not wanting to say that:
"Hey, my marriage is needing some TLC" and that
"I have not lost any weight since loosing 24.5 lbs, when my goal was 40!!"
"I failed my test that I studied so hard for..."

Eeeerk. Life.
I turn 35 this month. I feel old.
However, on my birthday I am having one of my best friends "40th Surprise Birthday" at my home. 75+ People. Lots of plans... stress.

I want it to be about her. Not me on that day.

I would love ideas about having a surprise party. It is being catered, band with DJ, and tons of family and friends but i am feeling stressed... as always.

I not only have this party to plan for but again I am studying for my test.

again i am sorry for not being "out there" but some things are better unsaid. ya know?

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Send good vibes my way peoples!!! I have been studying like a mad dog and my test is tomorrow (oh crap, it is 12:05am), so TODAY in LA at 1PM!

I want this more than anything right now and I doubt myself every waking minute because I failed it 3 years ago...I would study and sleep, I would wake up from naps, would study and then sleep, and now I am WIDE AWAKE and CRAMMING! My test has been delayed over the past several months due to death, life, work, etc. BUT TOMORROW IS THE DAY! WHEW... i can barely say that without my stomach turning into knots. I know I know... it is just a test right? But I freeze up really bad when taking major exams!

This is why I have been absent. Stress. Worry. Life. Insurance. Test.

If I pass, I will be on line tomorrow having a celebratory drink on my behalf! If not I will be crying myself to sleep and taking the exam on Wednesday!

Until then,
Peace. Love. Happiness. And to all a good NIGHT! Oh and Happy Father's Day to those of you that have born children of the corn! Hee Hee

Thursday, June 12, 2008

2 Weeks Silent....

I did it!!! Didn't think I could or would but I did... What was it that I did? Well I am SURE everyone noticed but I took a 2 week hiatus from my blog. Why? I don't know. It wasn't something I planned. The last post was not intentional (being blank) but when I posted it and then left it that way, I decided okay let's see how long I can keep my mouth shut. 2 weeks is a long time to stay silent.

I was feeling stressed out. Pressure from not being able to check every one's blogs everyday. Getting caught up at times with it that I actually would lie awake at night thinking of this person or that person's life, etc. while all along my own life needed some TLC. Does anyone ever feel this way? Or am I a NUT? Go ahead you can be honest. I can take it!

And also my test is Monday. I know I know... it got pushed back one week because my boss was in New York on vacation and I was swamped at work. Then last week I had a death in my husband's family. That was stressful and consuming and driving back and forth to Orange County. stressful. exhausting. EXPENSIVE! Gas here in Cali is $4.49 per gallon and we have a HUGE Diesel Truck that is over $5 per gallon. I think I need to start hooking just to pay for gas!!!! ;)~

Then I had to finish my year with my Brownie Troop.
Then today is my daughter's last day of 2nd grade! I can't believe it. I remember walking her to her first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday... boo hoo hoo.
Then my dog ate my mother's glasses and attacked her. Had to send him off to the rescue shelter.
Then I threw my neck out from studying and being stressed.

Anyways... have you missed me? ;)~
Okay let me go check out HNT!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getting up close and personal...

you are all aware i have not blogged in some time. mostly of my test that i have been diligently studying for (scheduled (again) now for June 9Th), but also for something more personal. someone more personal i should say... my sister.

FYI: i have been in a funk since she left and blogging was our way of staying in touch with each other. funny but we both have been kinda sorta "absent" in a way...

we have a weird and complicated relationship (as do most families) but this time her leaving the states caused me major sadness and agony. seeing her as a mother and having my nephew here was something very special to me! 2.5 months we had this year together. granted she always is the one to come here but not for as long... 2.5 months does wonders (and here we thought we would KILL each other, not thought.. i think she actually planned a scheme!) and that is a lot of time together after 5 years of her being gone. and after how many years since we actually lived together??? MANY. I do not want to age myself in this blog, only her... (snort) (cough) ;)~

she made me start this blog almost one year ago (June sometime i think) because she moved overseas from Texas (fell in love) but swore that blogging would keep us "connected"! she set it up for me. she picked out the very first layout, fonts, colors, you name it. she even named it "Jahooni World". my nickname in Arabic is Jahooni (jahooni=?, i dunno???) she has yet to explain it to me. do tell tania!

it took me months i think to call to ask for my log-in and password (lol- i have come far) and she also thinks I live in my own little "world in Cali" (which BTW I have lived here pretty much on my own since the day I walked down my High School graduation podium! so maybe jahooni world = me?, i dunno?) but it's been almost a year now of blogging so this next step for me, is well... a step. a first.

my sister is a poet. she writes. she expresses herself in her words. her thoughts. her sentences. her "being". she inspires me.

this is for her...






Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back... Kinda, Sorta.

my test has been postponed to june 9th. i was ready kinda sorta for 2 days from now but again my assistant is in Hawaii and there is about a 100+2x1000= things to do this week in my office... so anyhoo, until then. but i am ready. so ready that i gave myself a stiff neck from hoovering over the laptop and monitor over the last couple weeks... but anyhoo,

i am going now to check on YOU!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Stressed OUT!

I have been absent. Have you noticed? Or do you care???? ;)~

The reason being: I have my TEST next Thursday in San Diego. A test that I failed over 3 years ago and a test that even though I know must of the stuff, I am freaking out to take it again.... tests scare me. I freeze up. I have so much pressure from work that it even makes it worse for me. And my "assistant"... well she left again today for Hawaii even though she knew I needed time off for it! Lordy, why can't I live in her shoes for one day... or at least one week in Hawaii?!

I spent Mother's Day weekend alone at home while my family was camping and having a grand ole' time! How sucky was that? Yep, it sucked. But I had to study.

Dedication and hard work they say is what it will take to pass it. I am tyring but it's been tuff. I need a HUG. My brain feels like Jello. My body aches.

I am not gone forever and hope that everyone will be around again to Congrat me once I have passed or to console me if I don't... stay tuned.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

yummy and more...

The concert was great... tons of acts. Eagles were of course the Eagles BUT

THIS MAN! He was Yummy. All over Yummy. Mike Ness is fantabulous in concert! Rock on I say....


Thursday, May 1, 2008


I love concerts. I have been to so many over my life span that actually I have lost count. First one being like 12 years old at a Def Leapord concert with my sister Um Naief (which BTW- where in the heck are YOU) and I remember thinking to myself what is that funny smell?

But tomorrow night will be the first time I will be seeing the Eagles in concert. This weekend out near Palm Springs is the annual Stagecoach Concert. 3 days, 3 stages, lots of crazy and lots of fun. Mainly country artists perform but tomorrow night are headliners like John Fogerty, Mike Ness (lead singer from Social Distortion), Eagles and gosh so many others, I forgot.

My friends are picking me up from work at noon. Well drive out there. Check into our room. Go grab dinner and a few drinks and then off to suffer in the desert sun. It is going to be freakin HOT! I'll be wishing for the "Hotel California" by night fall.

Anyways... have a great Friday everyone and Cheers!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I WON I WON I WON... or am I being Punked?

I don't win anything! I am always the person that when I buy a raffle ticket and the numbers are called... well I am the one, 1 number away from the BIG WIN! Me. My life.

But I have been told that Thursday I will have a prize. MY VERY OWN! How freakin cool is that?

I have been a visitor of this blog for some time now and Tuesday's are the days to win the coveted "Peach Award". If you are going there for the first time, well Tuesday is the day to get "involved". I have yet to win that PEACH and I have basically given up all hope (okay not all hope just yet)

check this out:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still on Vacation... it isn't Monday yet!

Some of the best places are the ones inside the town, where the locals eat.

We did sunset dinner... candle light... ocean... service after this night! yadda yadda BUT this night was tops!

It was two for one ALL DAY EVERYWHERE (Sunday maybe) and you get two of the same drink-each person. I was purty toasty by this time and I turn red when hot (and drunk) ;)~ Yes that is sweat and maybe some spilt margaritas ;)~

Another great thing was that I got to shop while not even walking around from this cute little lady (big plus and i will tell you all about how much walking we did, unless I get bored about talking about it, i have a short attention span)

Anyways, she sat right down and I shopped away... great bracelets and a necklace that I am the proud owner of.

Oh and the steak tacos we had, well I loved the plate so much that they were served on, i even bought the plate for 100.00 Pecos ($10 bucks)! Those damn margaritas!

Friday, April 25, 2008

And it set...

"The Sun Comes Up..."

Saturday morning I was awakened by my husband of almost 10 years at the first sight of dawn (oh yeah- just a note: I was up most of the night before, so dawn was close by and I was grumpy!), introduced to a Big Black, Slick, Long (with lights of course), Champagne Ready, fresh washed Huge Limousine. Yum OH!

Shocked? Freakin OF COURSE! YES! HUGE! Shocked.

10 Years remember?

Yes, 10 years it is so... not including the 4/5 years we spent together before saying "I Do". We were young.

Now older and much wiser.

Hard times. Yes. But much more to be thankful for on days. And when those days seem less and far between, may "we" and everyone of us take the time to do this in our "lives" and for our "selves" and our relationships...


Here is the beginning...


Stay tuned for more...if you want of course!
It was Mucho Mucho... YUM OH! ;)~

Saturday, April 19, 2008

How do you say Bye in Spanish?

i dropped out of Spanish in high school... just wanted you all to know that tid bit of info. After two weeks i was so outa there!
the only thing i remember is "Uno Mucho Margaritas!" Oh yah and the cute boy I had a crush on...

well this is my hubby and we are going on our 10 Year Anniversary tomorrow (oh sheesh i meant today! ;) ) actually our 10 year isn't until May 30th but since my "assistant" will not be available at the end of May because she is going again to her home in Hawaii (lucky one), i had to take my vaca early...

so i am off to Ixtapa, Mexico for 6 days... UM OH!

i hid my study books in the suitcases but the old fart found them and tossed them to the side. does he realize that i can be making a lot more in just 2 months?
(i have hidden them again)... HA!

i shall pass my test in May!

so farewell my 10 peeps. i will be thinking of you drinking margaritas, UNO MUCHO!

ps, i will have my laptop! ;)~ and isn't my hubby sexy? Yum OH!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bye Bye Bye....

It took me some time to do this...

She was a little ball of fire. Funny. Cute. Kind. Snappy! Snappy. Yep... her.

I love you Aunt Patty and I will see you one day soon. Make room for me, okay?

I wish you were here to celebrate Mom's birthdays in Vegas... (how could you put 100 bills in penny slots? geez..... duh!) ;)~ AND
I will miss getting presents from you at Christams... I will miss you calling and us chatting about anything and everything... I will miss the fact that you will never come again to California (even though you were scared to death of flying). Thank you for that. I will always remember you playing with Katelyn and our bird Ariel... I will remember visiting you as a child. As an adult. Texas will be with us forever and our memories... gosh so many with you. Thank you for that.

May you look down and smile as I am looking up and smiling at you...
Bye Bye Bye....

I feel your wings in the air.... fly on.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last weekend.... whew!

i have been one little busy bee as of late! this post is for family, friends and i hope my readers. i make promises that i don't sometimes keep. So THIS is for YOU (you know who)! :)

i rarely have time to check my blog and comments. forgive my madness.
vise versa
check your blogs and comments, etc. etc.
Forgive Me, Please!
It's just a "temp" thing... ;)~ trust me.
i feel i have been getting more personal on my blog. showing pics of Kate, my family and me. this is unlike me. i am sharing at times my everydays... and intermost thoughts... unlike me. Sounds like a song right? Dave Matthews is one of my favs! Anyhoo,....

here are some pics over this last weekend that were very special to me. my kate turned 8! and i went to a family wedding and weddings are always FUN, RIGHT? especially because no kids were allowed! yep...kate cried and cried.....

Why Why Why Did My Sis-In-Law not tell me that I HAD lettuce in my braces? Just minutes after this pic I saw the damage... thank gosh! Why didn't she tell me? Hymnt, maybe too many drinks perhaps? *wink* ;)~

brandon and his bro ;)~

Daniel and MRS. LINDSEY! ;)~ FYI: we are the grooms family.
and a side note: he was so young and so nervous that he put the ring on the right hand! (Maybe that was a Right Sign??, right?) ;)~

I am 8 Years Old Today! Ta Dah!

Getting ready to pitch for the first game...

Family Rules: Once you reach almost 8 years old, eggs are hidden higher and harder. Too bad Katie Bug! ;)~

Pink Rules... You Go Girl!

I miss you guys more than you'll ever know...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mondays SUCK!

My weekend was great! Too short. Will post pics of Kate's party tomorrow or late tonight but right now this is exactly how I feel and what I look like in my office.
I want to scream!
Okay... just closed my office door. Screaming NOW! Do you hear me?