Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am over the "Poor Me Pitty Party Rountine"
I was in a funk. Give me a break. We all have those times don't we?? But I do thank everyone for their sincere well wishes and the ones that said, get over yourself and all that! ha ha
The cure: lots of sleep, wine and sex. Wait, I didn't get the full dose of all three so I don't think I am fully cured. ;)~

Having a HUGE party for my girlfriend Saturday for her 40th birthday. Getting a bit nervous with 75+ people that will be at my home. Spent days planting and weeding and grooming my back yard. Getting the dance floor/DJ area prepared with twinkle lights and hopefully a disco ball if I can find one in just 2 days. Food has been ordered. I think her brother ordered too much but since the invitations were left open for the time the party stops, maybe all the drunks will stay at my home, not drive and eat all the leftovers for breakfast. Hoping all the planning and preparations pays off. We shall see...

Good News: I get my braces off on July 22nd! Can't wait to kiss for the first time without them! Any volunteers? ;)~

My sister Um Naief sent me the best birthday gifts, have to shout out to her again that I love everything and the shoes... the shoes are fab. What is it with a great pair of shoes?

Reggie and Matt-Man were worried about me. Don't fret boys, I am not going anywhere. Just on the low for awhile there. I can't retire JAHOONI just yet!

Have a great day everyone. Happy HNT for those of you out there! (Don't ask. I will never do it)!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I am SORRY....

Hey peeps...
Out of the dead (i think) I know I know I know... what a horrible blogger friend! BUT if you only knew...

I felt for awhile now. Can't explain it. Thought about saying goodbye to my blog and several other things on line. why? don't know really.
I feel bad when I can't get online like I want, I feel bad when I can't read and catch up about your lives, etc. Bad. I feel bad enough about my life in general so adding yours to it, well it sucks.

I have been in a MAJOR FUNK as of lates... not wanting to posts my sad sad "what about me" posts and not wanting to admit that sometimes I go through these times and not wanting to say that:
"Hey, my marriage is needing some TLC" and that
"I have not lost any weight since loosing 24.5 lbs, when my goal was 40!!"
"I failed my test that I studied so hard for..."

Eeeerk. Life.
I turn 35 this month. I feel old.
However, on my birthday I am having one of my best friends "40th Surprise Birthday" at my home. 75+ People. Lots of plans... stress.

I want it to be about her. Not me on that day.

I would love ideas about having a surprise party. It is being catered, band with DJ, and tons of family and friends but i am feeling stressed... as always.

I not only have this party to plan for but again I am studying for my test.

again i am sorry for not being "out there" but some things are better unsaid. ya know?