Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Okay Okay... I know I am a little early but I plan on being super busy the next couple days... SO HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! BOO! This picture is the e-card that my cousin sent to me, aren't these kids really cute?! Katelyn was a witch last year and this year she is going to be an American Indian. We make her costumes every year since she was a baby and this year I think it turned out okay. She is super white and very pale like me, so seeing her with a black wig with long braids and feathers is kinda funny.
Katelyn has her Brownie Troop meeting tonight at a Pumpkin Patch. It's a pretty big one with rides, etc. Should be lots of fun and I love seeing our troop of girls dressed in full uniform (which they do when we go to outings). I promise promise that the next post will be pictures of her (and maybe me, since I need to update my profile picture since it was almost 2 years ago!) of her in her brownie uniform and Halloween outfit.
I am very proud of myself for not eating any of the candy that we bought to pass out. Usually I sneak a couple hand fulls, but these year NONE! I am down 8 lbs. Hoping 15 by Christmas. My hubby is going to buy that book called, "You on a Diet" by Dr. Oz, has anyone heard of this book? I know of several people that have changed their life from it. Not only have they lost weight but they feel better and look healthier.
Okay back to candy.... it is HALLOWEEN damn it! Maybe today I'll sneak a snickers.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Me, at work...

This is what I look like at work... seriously!
It feels about 30 below zero!. The mail room controls the temp to my office... and the mail room jerks won't ever turn it down!
It is so cold that all day my hands are frozen and it actually hurts to type.
I guess they find it funny when they walk by and find me looking like this....
ps, fires are under control. Finally

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My beloved California....

Hello everyone... Sorry that it's been some time since I blogged.
When I returned home from my business trip to Las Vegas, this is what I came home to!
The fires started on Sunday here and there. It has been soooooooooooo dry here in California and we haven't seen rain in I don't know how long. Then, came the winds. 120 mph winds at some points. The area in which I live gets the winds really bad and I knew the worst was yet to come.
Mother Nature started some of the fires but not all, some were caused by arson. How sick are people??? It makes me want to SCREAM!
I love California. It's not the cheapest place to live but the state is beautiful. Most of the fires (16 total) are in such gorgeous areas. If you have driven down the coast (Malibu area) or all the way to San Diego on HWY 15, then you know what a devastation it is to have it all burnt to ashes. My favorite place that is still on fire after 4 days is Lake Arrowhead. We go there to camp and I take my family up the mountain when they are here to visit. I guess it will be a long time before I return...
Thousands of acres have burned, people have died, animals have been left to burn, thousands of homes destroyed, families lives have been shattered. It breaks my heart and it has taken a toll on everyone that lives here in the state. I don't know what they show you in other states on the news or in the papers BUT I can tell you that it is TERRIBLE!
My home looks out over the San Bernardino mountains. Yesterday the back side of those mountains were on fire. Over 200 homes burned overnight. We couldn't even go outside from the polluted air. I now know what 911 felt like.... you are covered with ashes on your clothes and you gag from the smoke. During the day there is a black haze all over that makes it feel eerie. The oranges in the sky at night are like something out of a painting.
Please pray that we get National assistance. Please pray that the winds stop. Please pray that the "homeless" can move forward and start over.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Business Trip...in VEGAS!

Another Monday morning... YUK YUK YUK! Had a fun weekend though... got my hair colored and chopped off. Very cute. Spent time with the in-laws in Orange County and then spent all day Sunday at Disneyland! Yep, we saw Micky Mouse. Took a cute picture of the family with him and will post it when I get back from my business trip this week...

I have to take a GBS class (this is the software that we use in my office) and since I am pretty much a one woman show... oh yah, and the agent I work for ;-), we thought it might be helpful to learn just exactly what all the system will allow us to do to create a balance and more funchtional office system with our client data base.

I enjoy Vegas but I haven't gone alone... the Hotel that the course is at doesn't even have a CASINO! I was like WHAT THE *&^%! HECK! I thought ALL HOTELS have them! I am flying out from Ontario airport and the flight is about 45 minutes... just enough time to get up in the air, order a drink, and then you're there.... I have all day Wednesday to bum around... guess I will take a Taxi to the strip to find a hotel that I can lose all my money at. Class starts at 7am sharp both Thursday and Friday..... so not much fun will be had on this trip to Vegas.

Will not be posting until I return..... Take Care fellow bloggers and Wish me Lady Luck!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kick Boxing kicked my BUTT!

Well I have started working out and thought about trying a new exercise. A co-worker of mine is a beautiful Asian, in VERY good shape and swears by kick boxing. She goes at least 6 times a week (different classes at 3 different gyms... did I say, very in shape!) She invited me to go to a hour long class on Monday at 24 Hour Fitness.
She told me that Monday classes are not advanced and this would be a good class to learn. BTW-I have never taken a kick boxing class... my routine of exercising is walking/jogging on treadmill, sit-ups, the stationary bike and some of the lifting equipment if I feel "perky" and walking the dog sometimes...
Anyhoo, we get there and warm up on the treadmill for 10 minutes prior to the class. We go in and she proceeds to go to the front of the class next to the instructor, and I am like "Oh No You Didn't!", she motions me up there and I was so devastated. She says that being up front makes you work out even harder. The music starts and I was like, Okay I can do this .. it was a jab there and a kick there, and ALL OF A SUDDEN the music changes and everyone yells 1,2,3 and WAM BAM it is all HIGH GEAR and I was like "WHAT?!" It was so fast, so hard and I had no idea what the hell I was doing... I didn't know what the Terminology meant, I couldn't keep up, I couldn't kick that high, I couldn't kick behind my back... I thought I would die.
I started to really fill ill after 35 minutes. I couldn't continue. She apologized because she said that they switched Monday's to HIGH IMPACT and she forgot. She said that being my first time that I really did a good job at keeping up, etc. I was like, Yah Right. I left the class and cooled down on the treadmill for 5 minutes.
I drove back to home and decided to stop by my gym (yes same night.. what the heck was I thinking) and I ended up working out more, did 150 sit-ups and the sauna before going home to collapse!
The next morning I was sore. I went to work and Kim (co-worker) showed me some stretches to do, but while I was doing them my back was really really hurting... that evening I did sit-ups over the phone with my sister in Bahrain and while I was doing them my back didn't feel right. WELL, GUESS WHAT?
My back went out when I tried to get up yesterday morning for work! I screamed at the pain. The pain is soooooooo intense and my muscle's started to contract. I couldn't lift my arm up at all. It hurt to get up and move around. I had to miss work. I did muscle stem and bio freeze and ice all day long. I feel like an old person and I am only 34! How sad is this being so out of shape. I want to cry. Everyone at work is laughing because I called in sick.
I will never do kick boxing again!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Mornings...

Today is Monday. I hate Monday mornings...
When I got to work today the same person that annoys the heck out of me was being loud and obnoxious, going on and on about her weekend. Her birthday was last Wednesday and she is one of those types that celebrate for an entire week!
Lordy I mean she had the office take her to lunch on her birthday, then her boss took her the next day, then she wanted to celebrate Happy Hour Friday after work (which I don't think anyone went) and then she had a bunch of us meet her at a local pub on Saturday night (she is the cousin of a friend of mine)... Well anyway, here it is Monday and she is now taking the balloons down from her desk and throwing away the decorations and going on and on and on and on about it, she even mentioned she can't wait for next year!!!!
I need to pray.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Daily Jogs

Okay I started excerising again... and me and hubby went on a 3.5 mile walk the other day and we jogged a bit. We are going to up it tomorrow morning (if it doesn't rain but I guess we could go to the gym!) and my goal is to be this girl with all the fat men gocking over me. Well not the fat old men, the middle age hotties! How are her boobs so perky? Do mine look like that when I jog?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Boo! Kill the candy corns!

Kara said:On October 1st, I walk down to the store and buy a crapload of candy corn. By October 20th, I'm so sick of it that I don't want to see it again for a year. Someday, I'll make it to Halloween before sickening myself completely. It's good to have goals.

So this post is for Kara.... she said she likes candy corn or that she eats them! Ewwww. I think it's the worst candy of all times!

I think this picture (art work by Terry at Bent Objects-which, if you haven't visited his Blog, YOU MUST) sums up the reason why candy corn exists!
Now I am thinking of all the other gross candy out there... Oh I know.... PEEPS! What else, hymn...?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Fall...

My girlfriend Logziella has really gotten me in the mood to go home and decorate for fall and Halloween. I love this time of year... wishing I lived back east or midwest so I could see all the pretty changes of colors... Oh how I miss that.
Katelyn has decided to go as a little Indian girl. Her outfit is turning out really cute (found her Indian top at a thift store for $1.00- can't beat that) and we are hand making bead necklaces, headband with feathers, etc. Should be really cute. We make her costumes every year so finding something for a buck was exciting....
I think I am going to make a scarecrow this year for my front yard.... I have lots of pumpkin decorations but isn't this little guy really cute?! I can make this. This will be our week project or weekend.. hee hee (like I can get this done working full-time!, gosh that is another thing I miss NOT working all the dang time!... why did I take this job?! Ugh!)
I love to buy tons of pumpkins and gourds... but where can I get hay stacks? Hymn.....
Need to buy enough pumpkins for decorating closer to the 31st. That is hubbies fav thing to do for Halloween... and eat all the candy ;-)
Will take a picture of my scarecrow once it's complete to compare them!
Hoping to get started tonight. Hoping.