Monday, July 7, 2008

I am SORRY....

Hey peeps...
Out of the dead (i think) I know I know I know... what a horrible blogger friend! BUT if you only knew...

I felt for awhile now. Can't explain it. Thought about saying goodbye to my blog and several other things on line. why? don't know really.
I feel bad when I can't get online like I want, I feel bad when I can't read and catch up about your lives, etc. Bad. I feel bad enough about my life in general so adding yours to it, well it sucks.

I have been in a MAJOR FUNK as of lates... not wanting to posts my sad sad "what about me" posts and not wanting to admit that sometimes I go through these times and not wanting to say that:
"Hey, my marriage is needing some TLC" and that
"I have not lost any weight since loosing 24.5 lbs, when my goal was 40!!"
"I failed my test that I studied so hard for..."

Eeeerk. Life.
I turn 35 this month. I feel old.
However, on my birthday I am having one of my best friends "40th Surprise Birthday" at my home. 75+ People. Lots of plans... stress.

I want it to be about her. Not me on that day.

I would love ideas about having a surprise party. It is being catered, band with DJ, and tons of family and friends but i am feeling stressed... as always.

I not only have this party to plan for but again I am studying for my test.

again i am sorry for not being "out there" but some things are better unsaid. ya know?


Chief Rock Chef said...

Jahooni, great to see you again! I understand all that stuff, but to be honest it is often good to have a splurge pitty-party and get it all off your chest - we are good listeners out here!

Sorry you failed the test, I was so sure you would do well this time. I hate tests!

35? HA! I am 45 next month! You are a baby by comparison!

Getting stuck while trying to diet is really depressing - my wife has been stuck for a while, but we hope to break it by giving her a whole week to just diet and work out while I do all the stuff around the house. Should be fun.

Get some you and hubby time - be good to each other, spoil each other, hit the sack like teenagers! You know you want to ;-)

Gorilla Bananas said...

That's a shame, but the blues won't last forever. 35 is a very sexy age for the human female. A lot of men might feel like playing with themselves if they see you on the highway, so be careful!

Karen said...

Sorry life is dealing you some lemons right now. Just know you are in good company because we all go through crappy times.

Try not let the blogging world be a source of stress. When things turn around, you can come back and we will be there. :)

Dana said...

Well ... HELL!

Not the news I was hoping you'd get to share, but you know what? It sure was good to hear from you!

Micky-T said...

Yay Jahooni, it's just good to have you around.

You'll get out of that funk soon enough, let it play itself out.

35 Ha! 45 Ha! Next month I'll be 55.

Hope you have a great party!

Ali said...

I'm so sorry about the test! I so hoped you would pass with flying colours :(

And about the rest? I'm sorry life seems to be dishing it out lately, but we're here, and we're great listeners, and we all love to leave messages to try and make you feel better - so purge it all girl! Tell the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we'll be here.

Love, hugs, and happy thoughts to you!

Leighann said...

Jahooni!!!! I'm sorry you're so stressed out, keep your chin up babe!

Jay said...

Hey babe!! I'm darn happy to see you again. Sorry things haven't been going all that great, but you totally rock so you'll get through this crap.

And, chicks in their 30's are hawt.

Ne said...

Jahooni, Tho we have missed you! We understand I took sometime off also!

we all need a break from time to time! Hubby comes before blogging!!

I hope you pass your test! NO STRESSING, It takes years off your life!

Take your time we will be here!


Olivia said...

Hey, we all hit rough patches in our lives and the priority is to get them all sorted out.

35, heck, you are only 4 yrs older than I am and you have a daughter, so you're way ahead there! Yes, I thought I'd have my husband, kids, house and dog by now, so I admire your completeness.

The other thing is, at various stages in life, we go through a funk - a low point - in preparation for renewal at the next stage. So, say late teens, mid 20s, late 20s in prep for 30 (for me that was awful), and so on...

Kara said...

we'll be here when you're ready to come back.

Anonymous said...

Cousin....Life is not that's what you make of it and what YOU want....if you are unhappy with things in your life then fix it and stop playing the poor me....And the hole age thing Hellooooo Im right there with you but just be happy that you are alive and you get to see you wonderful daughter grow up....dont worry about what everyone else do to much for everyone else and not your self....So go and do something nice for YOU or you can always come and visit me.....we can go out and check out the hot guys...hehehe

Call me

Love your wonderful cousin


Mr Farty said...

Dieting is for losers. So to speak.

Happy birthday, kid! (Oh, to be 35 again, sigh.)

DirkStar said...

You feel old, hell, I turn fifty-four in September...

My music collection is still reel to reel.

Hell, I invented the first beer.

I may not have invented air guitar, but I did come up with the head banging accompaniment.

Hell, I'm so old even God jokes about my age...