Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am over the "Poor Me Pitty Party Rountine"
I was in a funk. Give me a break. We all have those times don't we?? But I do thank everyone for their sincere well wishes and the ones that said, get over yourself and all that! ha ha
The cure: lots of sleep, wine and sex. Wait, I didn't get the full dose of all three so I don't think I am fully cured. ;)~

Having a HUGE party for my girlfriend Saturday for her 40th birthday. Getting a bit nervous with 75+ people that will be at my home. Spent days planting and weeding and grooming my back yard. Getting the dance floor/DJ area prepared with twinkle lights and hopefully a disco ball if I can find one in just 2 days. Food has been ordered. I think her brother ordered too much but since the invitations were left open for the time the party stops, maybe all the drunks will stay at my home, not drive and eat all the leftovers for breakfast. Hoping all the planning and preparations pays off. We shall see...

Good News: I get my braces off on July 22nd! Can't wait to kiss for the first time without them! Any volunteers? ;)~

My sister Um Naief sent me the best birthday gifts, have to shout out to her again that I love everything and the shoes... the shoes are fab. What is it with a great pair of shoes?

Reggie and Matt-Man were worried about me. Don't fret boys, I am not going anywhere. Just on the low for awhile there. I can't retire JAHOONI just yet!

Have a great day everyone. Happy HNT for those of you out there! (Don't ask. I will never do it)!!!


Dana said...

Have fun at the party, and congratulations of the removal of the braces! My son just learned that his are coming off in September ... but he better not be planning on kissing anyone!

Matt-Man said...

Party it up Sweet Stuff. Have fun and stick around ya sexy bonehead. ; )

Jay said...

"Good News: I get my braces off on July 22nd! Can't wait to kiss for the first time without them! Any volunteers? ;)~"

*Gets out the breath freshener and chapstick*

The line forms behind me people. ;-)

Ali said...

Dibs! Dibs on the first kiss! Lol :)

Glad you're feeling better doll, and you're right - those funks are just a part of life. And sleep, wine and sex are pretty much the perfect fix!

Happy early birthday Jahooni!

Micky-T said...

When you get those braces off, how about a big smile pic with you your daughter.
We all want some Jahooni!
Hope your party is awesome!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Congrats on losing the grills.

Glad to read you're getting enough sleep and whatnot.

Ne said...

Glad you are feeling better!!

Have a great time at the Party! I am sure you did a great job with it!!


Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Birthday! Party like a rockstar!

Jeff B said...

Ah hell. there's already a line forming for the big smooch-off. And I wanted to be the first.

Glad to see you back in action.

Um Naief said...

why is it that when i come to visit from across the freakin world there isn't as much hoo haa haa as you're doing w/ this party?!!!!! you didn't weed and crap for me! expected me to do it for you... promises, promises... "we'll plant flowers together"... those words sound familiar?!!

i think there's something seriously wrong w/ this picture!!!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Do we get big smiley photos when the braces come off?

Hope everything went well!

April said...


congrats on the braces! Smile!!


Mr Farty said...

HNT? Now that you've made me go and look it up, you just have to do it!!! ;)~

Chief Rock Chef said...

So, how are things? Hope you are having a good summer!

Missing you!

Ellie said...

Hey there...need pics without the metal!!!
hope you are doing well

just a girl... said...

My pitty party is what started my blog, Good to know that the wine will work! lol

Um Naief said...

when are you going to make a new post... this one is LIKE SOOOOO OLD!!!

get to it girly....

Micky-T said...

I wish, I wish, I wish,
for you to be happy!

I got to go away
now on my vaca.